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Beu•lah   (ˈbyu lə)

Origin: Hebrew bəʾūlāh literally, married woman possibly as denoting their future prosperity

1. married
2. used in Isaiah 62:4 metaphorically applied to the land of Israel: "Thy land shall be married," i.e., favored and blessed of the Lord. "Beulah Land"

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A place of history and beauty. become a part of it.

plan·ta·tion /planˈtāSH(ə)n/

1. an estate on which crops such as coffee, sugar, tobacco and fruit or nut trees are cultivated by resident labor.



A place of legendary romance, extraordinary southern elegance and unparalleled natural beauty, the land of current-day Live Oak Plantation was once part of a tract comprised of thousands of acres of virgin woodlands. This history of the property is still being researched. One of the early owners, a Floridian and lumber baron, Mr. Lee, used scores of laborers to farm the fertile fields with cotton, peanuts, and soy beans and to harvest the abundant timber found on his sprawling property located in the idyllic community of Beulah, Florida. 

As was the practice in the day,  huge virgin yellow pines were felled, milled into lumber, and sent down the Perdido River to distant ports until extinction. By 1815, as Florida was becoming a territory of the United States and Napolean being defeated at Waterloo, today's 185-340 year-old Live Oaks were emerging. By their maturity, most logging had ceased, and for over two centuries, hidden in the dense forests, they silently grew into the giants they are today. 

By the early 20th century, parcels from the Lee tract had been repeatedly sub-divided, and the current property was the size it is today. In 1930, then owner, Payne Bryant, planted a large pecan orchard. Workers camped that hot summer on what is now the grand lawn. Day-after-day workers hand-carried water in heavy canvas buckets from Lake Blue Heron to water the saplings. Between 2003-2009, a succession of relentless hurricanes wrecked havoc across Florida, and over 200 of the original pecan trees were lost. Today, graceful stands of 50 trees remain.

Over time, previous early homes filled with long-since forgotten memories have been reclaimed by the forces of nature. What is now Live Oak Plantation sits on the last remaining 22-acres that were finally re-purchased 1990 by Joe David Meeks. The current owners, Joe and Donna Meeks, consider themselves caretakers of this beautiful land that nature has so generously blessed with timeless beauty and natural resources. The Meeks now present Live Oak Plantation as a venue so that others may celebrate what nature and the labor of those who came before have created and to preserve the pecan harvesting legacy at Live Oak Plantation. Through annual public demonstrations and exhibitions, they teach the process of harvesting pecans and other local crops  and collaborate with local schools and FAA chapters through on-site hands-on learning opportunities to educate students on proven crop production practices and to encourage agricultural pursuits.

Live Oak Plantation is operating in the State of Florida as a model for the Florida Agritourism Program to help keep farms and farm history alive. In the Spring, Live Oak Plantation plants a vegetable garden in conjunction with the Waterfront Rescue Mission to help provide their patrons with fresh vegetables harvested throughout the summer.  At harvest time, the general public may schedule tours for educational, demonstration, cultural, ceremonial, exhibition, and historically educational purposes.

A remarkable place to celebrate special occasions or hold meetings! Unique natural elements combined with the raw beauty of  Pensacola's quaint Beulah community make Live Oak Plantation an extraordinary location to host your event. Your guests will delight in visiting North West Florida’s beautiful countryside and this hidden hamlet only 20-minutes from downtown Pensacola and five minutes from national hotels.

about us

In 2015, Donna and Joe Meeks planned and executed the concept for the premier wedding and corporate event venue on their pecan farm, Live Oak Plantation. 

  • Their goal... to help make the planning and execution of unforgettable weddings and events in a private, unmatched setting both streamlined and stress-free while educating the public on the agricultural history of the property and demonstrating its agricultural activities.
  • Their mission... to provide exemplary service and a one-of-a-kind extraordinary experience.
  • Historical tours run year-round, by appointment.
  • Demonstrations and exhibition of pecan harvesting and crop production occur in the Spring and Fall (by appointment).

Joe graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi (B.A, ’79) with degrees in Real Estate and Finance. In conjunction with pecan farming at Live Oak Plantation, Meeks is President of Coastal Machinery Company; President and Owner of Coastal Rentals Company;  and President, Owner, CEO of Go Go Billboards L.L.C. Involvement includes Kubota National Advisory Board, 2010-13; Vice President Propeller Club, 2016; Association of General Contractors - 1983 to present; Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - 1985 to present; American Rental Association, 1983 - present; Experimental Aircraft Association, 2005 - present; Kappa Sigma Fraternity Alumni Association, 1979 - present; Co-Founder and Board of Directors Kubota South, 2015 - present; University of Florida Agricultural Research Center Advisory Board, 2013 - present; Institute of Food and Agricultural Science, Member 2015-present; Member of numerous Pecan Growers Associations, 1999-present.

Donna is a retired educator with degrees from The University of Southern Mississippi (B.A. '81), William Carey University (M.Ed '98), and National Board Certification in Early Childhood Education (’03). She is owner and CEO of Meeks Industries, owns and operates The French Townhouse, a 5-star luxury vacation rental property in Biloxi, MS, and Donna Meeks Design in Pensacola, Florida, specializing in renovation and design of residential and commercial properties. She is a contributing author of the “Official International Dealer Guidelines” publication and served as adviser to Kubota North America in 2013. In 2014, her Kubota Showroom Design Concept was selected by the International Kubota Tractor Corporation as the standard for all Kubota dealerships. Instrumental in the Kubota Mobile advertising campaign, in 2014, North American Marketing  selected her design as the official Kubota vehicle wrap and her  Kubota Chain Barrel Display Design was incorporated nationally in 2015. Donna is the 'WEEN DREAM Florida Project Leader, a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit providing Halloween costumes to children in need. Her memberships include Impact 100 Pensacola Bay Area, 2016 - present, Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast, 2016 - present, Delta Gamma Fraternity Alumni, 1981- present; Gulf Coast Education Foundation, 1983 - present;  Propeller Club, 2015 - present; and Les Masquees Mardi Gras Association, 1984 - present.

Joe and Donna are both lifetime members of the American Rental Association, 1983 - present; Lifetime Members of USM Alumni Association and USM Foundation since 1979; Farm-to-City Needy Feeding Program Volunteers, 2013-present;  and members of the Pensacola Yacht Club and the Santa Rosa Yacht Club. They are the parents of Whitney Meeks, author and attorney at Columbia University Medical Center; Laura Munro, Marketing Director and Wedding Coordinator at Live Oak Plantation; owner of 'Laura at Live Oak Rental Decor'; and Director of Sales at Go-Go Billboards, LLC; Chase Munro, The American Red Cross, State Manager of Mass Care and Logistics, Mississippi; and Kelsey Meeks, attorney at Barasso Law Firm, New Orleans and
Founder and CEO of  ‘WEEN DREAM, a national 501(c)(3).